Smart Shoes - would you wear them?

Looks like both Nike and Samsung (of course) have upcoming products in this category.

Do you think this will be a real product category that gains traction? I’m not so sure, personally.

  • Yes, they’ll probably be a thing
  • No - bad idea
  • Maybe - depends what they do

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Fitbit in your shoes kinda thing :thinking:

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count steps? gps tracking? can i reply to messages? :joy:

I can’t imagine a tech company getting traction with this unless it was a removable element that you could put it into any shoe.

Nike, though, if they could produce the tech at a scalable economy, could theoretically put something in all their shoes. But then they’d have to be activity specific shoes, because who wears the same shoes all the time?

Guess it could just be aimed at runners. I can’t imagine it working for general purpose.

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Get a call and put your shoe to your face! :wink:

Image result for shoe phone sure i might have seen this somewhere




When I saw this thread, I thought it was about Church’s and Loakes


I think smart shoes will be very popular with engineering and maths type people.

When a notification comes in, they’ll be more likely to see it cos they’re always looking at their shoes, anyway. :joy:

Even at a wedding or on the beach? :grin:

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Well, yh fair enough. I guess there are exceptions :joy:


Don’t see the point of making everything g app connected. Just makes it more complicated to use.

Believe it or not, I still have a pair of (well-worn) Adidas 1’s, circa mid-00’s
These babies have real-time adjustable heel pressure absorption, managed independently by small computers in each shoe, to adjust how soft or hard your foot hits when running.
I used to wear them for fun when travelling and oh what fun I had at security… “Sir, you do realise there is a battery and an electronic circuit installed in both of your shoes?” :grinning: Well popular with the growing queue behind me.

I’m sure modern day shoes are way smarter and I don’t deserve to wear them!


If Loakes decide to make them, I might consider it :smirk: