Ces 2020

The CES 2020 starts tomorrow, what are you hoping to see unveiled this year?
I hope to see more HomeKit enabled devices to properly start to build my smart home.


I was just looking at the BBC round up here.

The Neon project looks interesting.

:thinking: I should probably get involved with RBTX / ROBG ETFs the next few decades shall be crazy.

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Absolutely nothing! :joy:

Every year there is another ‘big thing’ and it’s usually a few years before the price drops and the features round out and the product becomes useful to more than the niche geeks who want the latest toy to play with, and which will be in a landfill site within a year.

Genuinely baffled as to why CES is still a thing in this day and age.


Yes, you would expect that with social media platforms companies wouldn’t need an expo to launch products.

What baffles me are the new 8K TV, the adoption of 4K is still so low that seems silly to launch this already.

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Well it’s not that baffling, they need to keep pushing out new products so people will ‘upgrade’ and spend more money on something they don’t need! :smiley:

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Was just about to make this thread!

I’m really interested to see what Segway Ninebot introduce.

They already unveiled this!

This is very interesting. I might be wrong, but from what I’ve read, the fact that this vehicle doesn’t have a throttle would mean, that unlike the other e-scooters currently, this one would be legal to use here in the UK.

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Also, this looks fantastic - but I think $999 is too high a price point for a Chromebook still.

I’d like to see Google / Samsung / others make a really premium Chromebook around the $500 mark. That’d be a winner for sure.


I think there was a time when it used to be interesting, but it has been a while since anything revolutionary has come out. No doubt Samsung will launch another 20 phones that are indistinguishable to the untrained eye; another dozen TVs with yet more pixels we can’t see without looking really closely.

Then, I think I’m getting to that age where I feel like I’ve seen everything already. VR may be a thing to watch this year now that Valve has actually bothered to make a game, but I remember VR first time around. It’s still bulky, requires too many cables and makes a large section of the population vomit explosively.

Give it another 10 years and 3D will come around again.


I went a couple of years ago - it was amazing. Had my first go on a drone. Took a while to find it again… Way more fun than watching online!


Would be nice if Monzo Android app worked on Chromebooks :wink:

The Samsung Chromebook was my pick too, but as you say, $999 is still a bit steep for a Chromebook.

And that gawdy red colour… :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: