If you're looking for new trainers

Hi all,

Let me preface this by saying I am not a natural jogger/runner, in fact I used to hate it.

I started jogging for the first time in my life, so treated myself to some new trainers and bought these: Under Armour Hovr 2 and to my surprise it has a LOT of tech built into it.

Bluetooth built into the heel and tells you cadence, pace, where on your foot you are running and also voice guidance. The trainers were around £50 but if you’re looking for new trainers and want all that info then I would recommend these, they are also very comfortable too.

Sounds like a sales pitch, but I don’t work for Under Armour, I’m just massively impressed a trainer can do all of that :joy: I didn’t think I’d be syncing my trainers to my phone.

I’ve been looking at the Allbird Tree Dashers as my next running shoes, have a pair of Brooks which are starting to fall apart

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My friend recommended Brooks too! I think they were about £100 - so I was put off buying them incase I gave up running. :sweat_smile:

I started off running about 1 mile and working my way up, really feels amazing when you can feel yourself getting fitter. I’ve found for me, it is more mental than physical.

Looks good dude. I’m all for using technology to assist in getting fitter and healthier

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Thanks @venomx - really great piece of kit. Apparently (according my trainers) I was not taking enough steps per minute and I run too flat on my feet :man_shrugging: who’d have thunk!

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Where did you purchase from ? £50 for any trainers is a bargain especially with all the tech included

I got them from SportsShoes.com https://www.sportsshoes.com/products/?q=Under%20Armour%20HOVR%20Velociti%202%20Running%20Shoes%20&gclid=CjwKCAjw5Ij2BRBdEiwA0Frc9W-fqVGNbg8ohl4-fbgUD7LpRWnSMmtfhEAJF–hJjoDnfXPfg0duhoCgY4QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

I had never heard of them but impressed by their service.

I’m an Asics fan personally, but that does remind me of the old Nike+ kit which was just the sort of encouragement I needed when I started running.

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Just had a Google - they look great. My friend mentioned with the old Nike+ you had a widget you could put in your shoe.

I think when you’re a novice (like me) it is good to see your progress and what you can do better. I think as well, running in public is a bit strange at first, you’re not sure if your legs/arms/body is moving right.

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