Smart Home Curtains

Hey. This fall I’ll be moving into a new apartment and have been looking for some smart home curtains. Although there has been a rise of smart home blinds, the same can’t be said about smart curtains. Does anyone know about a brand that sells smart home curtains compatible with Apple HomeKit?

I’ve got two Aqara curtains. Really easy to setup, works perfectly with Homekit. Only downside is price and how long AliExpress sellers take to deliver. Love them, and have them automated. Definitely recommend!


Thanks, I’ll have to take a look at these. How is the set up and would you need an additional bridge for the curtains to connecrt do HomeKit? Do you happen to know where I could buy one? They don’t seem to be sold on Amazon.

EDIT: How does the rails work? Are they adjustable for different lengths?

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The setup does require an additional bridge, but it’s native Homekit and also has its own ‘Xiaomi Home’ app which is where you add ‘child devices’ such as door/window sensors, switches, buttons or curtain rails. But it’s super easy to use.

I bought all my Aqara items on AliExpress. On here there are many different sellers selling Aqara products at different prices. I tend to buy the cheapest ones and ‘risk’ it. And not really had any issues so far.

I’ve seen them on Amazon US, heard they’re coming to Amazon EU but not heard about Amazon UK.

The curtain rails are an open standard which work with a number of different motors. I bought these off Aliexpress too. I ordered 2 2m ones, but they offered a lot of sizes and options. e.g. Single or Dual corners, left to right or right to left opening. But I got a standard 2m, central opening model. Then the motor is super easy to attach to the rail.

The only thing I would recommend is do your research before. Look into the setup of each and make sure when you buy everything, that you get everything required. The wall mounts for the rails are sold separately to the rail itself a lot of the time, and the motors often come without a plug on the end, but you can pick up a super cheap plug and attach a UK one etc.

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Thanks! I appreciate all your feedback. To make it easier for myself (and others interested). What I would need to get it to work is:

Am I missing something?

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The Aqara Hub itself.

Can be found here:

Thanks. I’m new to the Xiaomi brand, but over the last hours I’ve seen quite a few impressive reviews on YouTube. Their other smart home products seem to be well made and reasonable priced too. However, I think I’d put the devices on a seperate WLAN without the option to call home to China.


Do you happen to have the name of the ones you bought or others that works with the Aqara Motor? If you want 500 CM of the Aqara rail, it can get expensive pretty fast. Also, do you have the battery motor?

These are the ones I ordered:

I don’t have the battery ones, that’s a newer model known as the ‘B1’. I have just the standard Curtain motor.

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