IKEA smart plugs!

Looks like IKEA are going head-to-head with WeMo for smart plugs.

I think this is great and they are reasonably priced.

I recently bought a Smart Strip by Meross, which I use to control a lamp and a fan from Google Home. But since then, I’ve wanted to put one in another room, so I might wait and grab some of these.


Oh nice find. Looks like they are targeting roughly the same price as the TP link ones which are really nice

I also quite fancy some of those smart strip ones


I’ve got an Elgato Eve plug thing for controlling our bedside lamps - I’ve wanted to get more plugs but not at £40 a go.

A tenner for the Ikea ones along with some Trådfri lights would do me just right.

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I have a couple of the TP Link sockets and the smart bulbs- both are excellent. However, with the bayonet adaptor the bulbs are big old beasts!

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I’ve got a Heatmiser NeoPlug that I’ve wired into the lighting circuit (legally) to give me timed and IFTTT control of the porch light, I’ve always been tempted to get another for lamps in the living room but this could be a cheaper option.

This is definitely a nice price point. What remains to be seen is how good the quality of the software is as far as security is concerned - the problem with cheap IoT stuff is that most of it is insecure and never updated, leading to botnets like Mirai taking advantage of them (which in turns affects innocent website/server owners that don’t even own nor know about the affected products).