Motorised Blinds

Hi All,

I want to set my current horizontal blinds that open and close by a wand, I want to control them opening and closing by my phone and iffft, so my phone has a schedule to turn ligts on at 8pm then blinds shut.

The issue I have is I cant find a product that does this, there is EZ Wand in the US but has its own controller and probably only ships in the US :wink:

Any help appreciated :wink:

Personally I’d wait and see what happens with these

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Thanks for the info, I dont have roller blinds and would prefer to keep exisitng ones due to the orginal cost payed for them :wink:

A search on Amazon will find some products :slight_smile:

Those Ikea blinds do look half decent, I’m watching them and will be seeing what happens…

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Had a look this is the closest I can find but is only for corded and not wand :wink:

You would need to change the mechanism type from wand to corded, these are cheap enough, then you can get the relevant device.

There isn’t one that I know of that controls a wand as such.

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One option would be to use a mail forwarding service, not sure on the pricing but I did see one with a 30 free trial.