Slightly Wrong t-shirts

(Simon B) #1

I love these.

(MikeF) #2

Noooo, they make my brain itch.

(Nick) #3

Ok. So, it’s a funny joke, and I see what they did there. But. Who’s going to buy these? To some degree, Poe’s Law applies in that the average person won’t realise you’re being funny, they’ll just think you’re an idiot, no? At some point you’ll get tired of telling people “I know that’s not the actual quote, it’s just a joke” and you’ll never wear the t-shirt again because it’s too much hassle.

(Ben) #4

Going to get a small print run of these going.

(Jack) #5

Love them :joy: I’ll share this in the office

(Simon B) #6

These two went down quite spectacularly in the respective fanbases :joy:



(Emily) #8

I love “the name is James, James Bond”.