Slack files for an IPO

Interesting. I do wonder what the next step for them is.


Pardon my ignorance.

How does Slack monetise itself?


There are a lot more options and storage limits on paid Slack. It cost a lot tho :cold_sweat:

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They charge per user, which is pretty smart when you consider a lot of their users are companies like us! We had around 40 staff when I started here in 2016 and we now have over 700.

I believe the plan we are on is roughly £10 per active user per month.

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Hopefully Tom’s on the right lines with his tweet :eyes:

As much as I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft I would LOVE them to replace Teams with a good chat platform (Slack :yum:) :pray:

As long as they don’t restrict emojis it won’t make much difference

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I wish my office would support Slack.

We’re big on Skype for Business - which is actually great for teleconferences (in my experience), but Slack for quick chats and virtual teams etc is just so handy!

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Out of curiosity, what do Monzo use for emails and such? Surely slack is a pretty big overhead and not essential when there are many free or cheaper alternatives?

Reason for asking about email is because google hangouts Is decent and I presume no confidential user data is shared over slack so that can’t be a factor?

Infact I’m sure you guys could have your own in-house instant message and chat channel system created within a few days😂

Nearly every friend I have that works at larger tech company uses paid slack, and have become very reliant on it as the main messaging system.