Monzo Group & Channel on Telegram Messenger


So a while back, I was discussing Monzo in one of the private groups that I am in on Telegram. Some members were already signed up to prepaid and I managed to recruit a few more via some of my golden tickets :grin:


The discussion grew, and we (myself and @kai) ended up starting a separate Telegram group and channel:

Using Telegram bots, we have managed to auto import Monzo Facebook posts (Twitter can also be done) and also any Monzo outages are imported automatically from the Monzo status page so it’s a pretty good way to keep up to date in one place.

If Monzo wants to have an official presence on Telegram (either now or in the future) @monzo is already taken on Telegram by someone else, but there is a process for obtaining it which we can assist with :fist_right::fist_left:

Although it’s not possible to transfer ownership of channels or groups on Telegram at the moment, we would be happy to in future if this feature becomes available. In the mean time, we would be happy to assign admin rights etc to appropriate people.

I know Monzo has a pretty big presence on Slack. I could kind of take that or leave it though, I really don’t get on with the Slack interface.

I won’t turn this into a sales pitch for Telegram, but its got some really cool features including a native app for every platform, self destructing messages and lots of tools for managing groups.

Please note that we have no intention of being “official” Monzo - this was just born out of a group of people needing to keep a different group clear of Monzo chat hence the creation of this one, it would be great if it could grow.

A Hot Chip sticker pack for iMessage?

That’s good work man. I don’t think I need another channel to discuss monzo myself but I like that there’s multiple options.
I guess someone who is addicted to info would subscribe to them all. Can’t think of anyone that describes though.

Can you @alexs ?

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