Since when did Monzo start charging for cash withdrawals in the UK?!

It shows £200 because of this.

The limit is £200 outside the EEA, £250 in the EEA. The fee information confirms that. The text shows the most conservative limit.


Not really given that Monzo’s communication about their own fees is all over the place with the app saying £200 when in fact it’s £250 according to the website.

If you’re going to charge a fee be entirely clear and transparent about it, including that it’s a rolling 30-day window not per calendar month.

Monzo has lots of “that’ll do” botch jobs all over the place and it’s getting tiring that these aren’t seen as priority and people have to take them all the way to the FCA to try and get some change and decency out of them.

It could be such a great operation if customer service and the “we know better than anyone” attitude mixed with the “that’ll do” MVP approach would stop everywhere.


You guys spot you can tap UK & EEA ATM and it shows a bit more?
Also if you tap the top right folderish icon it goes the to fees bit which may list it.

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Oh holy fu*k why didn’t they just add those into the previous screen. Why hide that info away its the critical bit you want to know. Couldn’t it just look like this:

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Literally nobody would have clicked that icon unless out of curiosity clicking everything.

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Yeah, this is really confusing. I’ve just dug around in my limits and getting lots of different info.

Is it Unlimited, £400, or £200 (or £250)?

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All Monzo Customers have a daily withdrawal limit of £400, this is unrelated to fees and is a hard limit for how much you can withdraw in one day. These can be increased at request.

If you are a Plus or Premium Member or you qualify for our higher limits you benefit from unlimited fee free withdrawals in the UK see below:

You also get to benefit from a higher fee free withdrawal allowance outside the UK but not unlimited.

Hopefully this clears everything up?

I agree that the messages in those screenshots are misleading.


Yup, your first 10 words and the opening line on the screenshot. R-