Simplified credit card payments

Similarly to other online banking apps, it would be very useful if you could make a credit card payment by just entering the 16 digit number.

I am sure I speak for everyone in that I don’t know the sort code and account number of any of my credit cards, and I would worry about finding and entering the correct ones.



Other banks can lookup the correct account number and sort code from the credit card number, so it would be great if Monzo could do the same.


That is pretty useful that they can just look it up, didn’t even know that!

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That’s great to know I was lucky as Mbna sort code and account number was in the help page of the app for me to make payments. Then did a test payment to make sure it worked.

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The system which most banks use is the BACS Biller Update Service, it’s bascially just a centrally managed database of verified account information which banks and FS can use to provide biller lists to customers -

This would be a pretty nice thing for Monzo to integrate in and I’m sure they could probably do some sweet automation and user experience stuff with it!