How we're making your bills easier to manage

Nope. I don’t think the protocol even allows this. It’s either accept or decline, no decline-then-accept.


Great work.

What if you could set up a dedicated Pot to put your committed spending money aside, and transfer it into your balance for each payment? Watch this space…

Love the idea behind this but slightly nervous about the implementation (what if your bills change value and you end up with not enough in the main bit of your account?)

My initial thought was an option to decline discretionary card/other payments when your (positive) balance dropped below the value of your committed spending. It would have the same effect but without any of the downsides that make me nervous…

That said, it seems that this is on its way. Looking forward to seeing the implementation and, hopefully, being pleasantly surprised! :blush:


Typically only rejections are what get reported back. Where DDs are paid they don’t come back as a ‘success’ list they’re just treated as collected.

If you look on certain systems maybe an online Council Tax account or similar and pay by DD you may see a payment on the date of the DD collection. This is because as part of the process to create the DD collection file that system assumes the payment is received. It will then be reversed off if payment is rejected.


Being able to search for a large business instead of having their details.
When paying a bill in my current bank, I just search for the company (Northumbrian Water for example) and it already has their details.

PayPal does this. You’ll see payment successful a couple of days before it’s actually taken. Think a few mobile providers do it

Would like to see this too. It was also suggested a couple of weeks ago


Oh yeah EE always thanks me for my payment days before… How nice of them :laughing:

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We’ll keep working to make it easier to manage your bills through Monzo. And we’ve got lots more ideas to come! What if you could set up a dedicated Pot to put your committed spending money aside, and transfer it into your balance for each payment? Watch this space…

My issue with this is that it will clog up the feed as it did with with Coin Jar. You’ll have two feed entries for each bill payment. If you can solve that before you implement it then please do!


It would make it easier if you supported four weekly standing orders and salary frequencies :grin:


You can only manually try DD’s before 2pm on the day.

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Thanks for the correction. I’ll edit my post to clarify

What is the latest you can retry a DD manually? I assume at some point you have to report to the DD originator that the payment has failed. Is it 2pm or up to midnight that day?

It’s some time towards the end of the day

It might be longer than a day. With Dutch bank Bunq you have to approve Direct Debits in-app (they don’t go out automatically) and I think you can wait up to 5 days to approve them

Are UK direct debits the same?

Not sure, but if you don’t have the money in your account attempts to take it happen for a couple of days I think

Could this be the new labs feature?

Potentially :man_shrugging:t3: Guess we will wait and see what the future holds

Without searching , when is that event?

Tuesday 14th

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