Sim only or contract?

Would you recommending keeping sim only or contract recently my iPhone XS Max contract ran out with 3 UK. I have since then switched to Voxi sim only £35 with 40 GB Data, Music Pass & Video Pass.

Now that 02 support Apple Watch LTE, I am in second mind of switching back to a contract with either EE, 02 Vodafone.

Would sim only or sim contract or a phone contract be better with EE, 02 or vodaphone?

If you’ve still got the handset, it’s a no-brainier. Sim only. :grinning:


I would go sim only.


Currently on Sim Only with Voxi (40 GB DATA LTE), unlimited mins text social media. used 0 GB + Music Pass and Video Pass for data £35 per month)

Unlucky for me they don’t support watch LTE, £899 Watch s4 want to use it to full potential but that either means going to EE Sim only or 02 or getting a contract in 2019. When the iPhone 12, 11 comes out.

I went sim only some time ago with EE and more than happy with it. I also get 20% off through my employer so worth looking into any discounts you can get.

I also have my Apple Watch through EE as a sim only.


You have an XS that’s good for 5 years. There’s no reason to get a phone contact, go sim only. EE do good deals and good support for apple (watch, visual voicemail, eSIM, etc.)

If you have your student email still you can get 20% off, that stacks against any current EE offers. Employee offers might be similar.

You can add on the Apple watch either unlimited data (if you buy the watch from EE) or 10gb I think for something a month extra.

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Thanks I look in to EE.

Thing is tho I replace my phones every year, even MacBook Pro 2018 going to replace that tomorrow for a 2019 version.

Phone manufacturers will love you :blush:

Based of personal experiences I’d say sim only is defiantly the way to go, I’ve been using BT’s sim only plans for a while since it’s on the EE network (as they’re owned by BT!) and don’t pay much at all.

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For the iPhone do you use Apples iPhone Upgrade Program then? It might work out cheaper/same, plus you get applecare+ included.

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Yeah BT owns EE, Plusnet, Sim only is the cheapest option.

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I would have I have forked over over £900 to replace my XS Max multiple times due to damage. Did never buy apple care for it unlike the s4 stainless steal watch that cost 80% of an XS max ops.

£20 SIM only with Three - unlimited data, texts and minutes. Bargain!


I’ve been SIM only with Three since at least 2008. Currently paying £20 pm for unlimited texts, calls, data (including tethering). Data (including tethering) limited to 19GB when abroad. They also have about 70 countries where there’s no roaming charges

I pay £20 a month sim only for 40gb data on EE

I always do SIM only and buy my handsets directly. Generally this works out cheaper and I prefer not being in a lengthy contract and having the ability to switch whenever I want.

If you replace your iPhone annually and prefer spreading the cost, the iPhone Upgrade Program could be a good bet.


SIM only is still a contract unless you go, pay as you go.

I also change my phone every year. I prefer to buy them directly rather than as part of my contract.

The other thing I like with just having a SIM only contact is that it’s often for 12 months as opposed to 24 months (with phone) . So if I wanted to change network then it’s not such a long wait.

Voxi is pay as you go sim only

I’ll have to look at that when I my existing SIM only contact comes up. I’m with Vodafone now and this seems much cheaper but with the same coverage.

Correct voxi are owned by Vodafone