Signature Strip Size

Just got my new card in the post and the signature strip is tiny compared the the old one. I wouldn’t care but it says I have to sign it before using it and my signature simply won’t fit on it.

Whats the point of even having it this small it’s unusable


Signatures are no longer required

Don’t worry about it, signature strips will be gone soon.

Is Monzo able to not include the sig strip then?

The new plus cards don’t have a sig strip.


perfect, thanks all. Won’t worry about it from now on.

Do bear in mind that some businesses will still ask staff to check signatures due to old SOPs , so i still sign my cards to avoid the hassle , it’s more of an issue abroad than here

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Some of the signature strips on my cards are so ridiculously small I don’t bother signing them.

Hopefully as more cards get issued without the strip the problem will start to go away


I’ve never signed a card and nobody has ever checked it either. What would they need to check it for?

Ye olde carde fraude.

Chip and PIN, and contactless have done away with a lot of the need for it. But back in the day, it was the only verification check one could really do.

I can’t even remember the last time I signed a card to had to use a signature for payment…

No real need to sign cards these days with having chip and pin for pretty much most purchases

Thanks for this, I was worried as the strip is tiny now, the curse of long surnames!

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