Frictionless signature strip

I can’t remember the last time I actually needed to show my signature when making a transaction - and that signature strips on cards are pretty much optional now.

But having received a new Monzo card with a (tiny) signature strip I thought I should sign it. After about half a dozen attempts I’ve managed to get a couple of random bits of my signature on the strip.

It’s an IDEMIA card and the signature strip is so glossy it’s practically impossible to write on. Anyone else had a similar problem?

My/our Joint account cards are TAG SYSTEMS cards, circa Sep-2018, with a normal signature strip. No problems with writing on these cards.

My holographic Plus account card, circa Jul-2020 is an IDEMIA card and doesn’t have a signature strip. At all. Nowhere to write on this card!

Signature strips are not mandatory for MasterCard no need to sign it.

My mum would probably do what she’s done several times before and sign across the magstripe. It’s quite possible if you’re determined enough :slight_smile:

A fine-tipped permanent marker should do the job.

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Good idea :slight_smile:

I don’t think ive signed a card sig strip in the last twenty years, def not about to start. :joy:

My replacement card that I got about a week ago is a tag systems one with a full size signature strip.

Nope. It works fine if you use a fine Sharpie. :+1:

I hope you use one of these

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