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Hi there, is it possible to sign up in the USA - I live here but have a house in the uk but do not have a uk mobile? Thanks!

Hi @Mtc1958!

Welcome to the community.

You will need to be a UK resident to sign up for Monzo UK. You can use your US mobile number, but we can only send the debit card to a UK address.

However, if you’re downloading the app in the US and also entering your US number, I believe that will now direct you onto the waitlist for our upcoming US product.

I’ll double-check with our US team, but it may not be possible to get into the UK signup flow any more if you’re using the US App Store / Google Play and also entering a US phone number.

many thanks. I downloaded the app in the iPhone store in the US and it let me enter my UK post code, but would not recognize me US mobile number. the continue button was inactive also no redirect to any other location. Thanks for any additional info.

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Hey Michael - I’ve had a check with the team, and right now, the only way that you’d get diverted into the US flow, is if you signed up for the US waiting list. Can you confirm if that’s the case? Please feel free to DM me your email for a further look.

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I have not signed up for a wait list how do I do that and how do I DM you?

Please excuse the brevity and typos - sent from my mobile.

Click his icon then


from the Monzo website to sign up to the waiting list -

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