New account-USA

Hi, how do I become an early user and tester for the US? I’m actually originally from the UK but have lived out here for several years so thibk I could be good at bridging some of the gaps/differences

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Join the waiting list and keep an eye out for an event near you

Thanks, I am on the waitlist but just hoping for more info. How would I see events?

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I’m not sure if they get sent to you when you’re on the waiting list

Maybe @Sarahm can tell us…

If you are on the waiting list you will get emails about upcoming events.

Also follow them on Twitter. Handle is monzousa


I joined the waitlist for SF at the start of the month. Didn’t get an email. Follow you on insta as well. I can’t see anything here. How are the events announced ?

I did a google today and I find out you had an event last week as it’s listed in eventbrite .

How do you announce these events ? If at all

Did you sign up on their website?

Also follow them on Twitter if you have it. They announce there as well. They regularly email and tweet events

That’s exactly it . I did join their waitlist via the website and on an email queue . The response to that is they will email me back. Nothing , nada , zilch.
I see the announcement on Twitter I see on the day of the event!!! ( no notice there).
What is the point of the waitlist ? If it’s not used for communication and it’s announced publicly in Twitter .

Not suggesting that you are not getting emails, but they have been fairly consistent with the announcements.

It’s poor communication. They don’t even reply to my twitter direct messages.
It’s also rude ( ok. I’m British and culturally we like to queue).
Waitlist = queue. Treated with preference .
Public announcement - Free for all , what’s the point of the queue ? People in queue feel ignored and pissed off.
I have a UK monzo account , I sign up by email to the wait list as I’m now US based. I Expect them to keep their word as per the email.
Or should I now adjust my expectations to LOW as the culture is different here ?

My expectations were high as the communication with Monzo in the uk is top notch. All I feel now is disappointment .

Where was that announcement . I can’t see it on Twitter, Instagram nor in my email.
What am I missing ?

You are not able to have a US account if you already have a UK account at the moment

I think they’re working on it

Once the waiting list is opened up then they will onboard people from it. The events is just early access for people able to attend

They want to make sure they don’t rollout their cards too quickly so they can iterate faster and learn for a smaller “batch” of users.
The same process was used in the UK at launch and it worked out pretty well for them, hence why they kept the same structure. :slight_smile:

Also I wouldn’t say that the public announcements are free for all’s. They have quite a few openings at the public events. Also I think we and everyone posting here on a message board about a bank of all things are a slim minority.

I will say that I have only reached out once and it took about a day to hear back from them. I am certain that there will be growing pains here in the states. Their potential consumer base here is huge, so they will need to work on it.

By the way, they did make a tweet offering accounts to people over Twitter and they may do that again. They most likely won’t come anywhere near me so I lucked out on seeing that.

It’s still very early stages, but I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. :slight_smile:

Anybody tried to use Monzo USA account for auto debits???

Anyone have an screenshots of the USA app. Any difference to UK. Is it old or new design?

I just got my US Monzo Beta card in the mail! However, when I try to log into my account on the app, the screen is saying that I’m still on the waitlist. Any chance someone can help me get this sorted? Thanks!

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Not sure many staff are around today

Could you try deleting and reinstalling the app first?

If that doesn’t work you can email

Monzo does not support ACH debit at this time.

Only credit.