Squished logo

(Tom ) #1

Extremely minor bug report alert.

On occasion, I put my phone on loudspeaker whilst talking to a vendor to set up a Direct Debit or similar. Whilst on a phone call and jumping into the Monzo app, the logo gets squished. iPhone 6S.

And that’s that.

Tab bar half size after payment on iPhone X
(Nick) #2

I see the same when my phone (iOS) is being used as a hotspot and has the blue banner along the top.


Also happens when I have Sleep Cycle running :+1:

Show us your Sleep Cycle stats
(James Amey) #4

As you may imagine, this isn’t supposed to happen.

Could I ask whether you’re running the pre-paid or upgraded account?

(Tom ) #5

I’m on the full CA, as are Nick and Ben

(Simon) #6

Mine has always done this. On current account with iPhone 7. The banner at the top squishes the Monzo logo on start up. I notice it when I’ve just used Waze and it’s still using location data. I thought it’s just the way the screen deals with less space. Have seen it from other apps too

(Kevyn) #7

On the iPhone X I have encountered the bottom menu bar in app becoming squashed or cut off in recent days. Not sure how to replicate so I’ll take a screenshot next time it happens.

Layout bug after sending someone money (bottom nav)
Bug: Navbar keeps bugging out
(Rika Raybould) #8

This particular iPhone X one is a known bug in iOS. I’ve personally seen it in the Music app and a couple of other system apps that use the tab bar.

The next Monzo app update should make it significantly less likely to occur though (along with a few other layout fixes across all devices)! :+1:

Layout bug after sending someone money (bottom nav)
Bug: Navbar keeps bugging out

Have also had this on my iPhone 6s plus

(Adam) #11

I’m also having this issue! I was trying to replicate it earlier to take a screenshot but I don’t remember how I made it happen.

I have to force close the app and reopen it to make it right again. I vaguely remember it happened on my 7 Plus too before moving over to an X.

(Peter Day) #12

Hi there! Forgive me if this has been bought up already but I’ve got an issue with Monzo on iPhone X. When you send a payment to someone, after tapping the category of the Payment the tab / menu bar becomes half sized every single time I’ve done it. Can provide screenshots if this helps? Only way to fix is to force close app and re open

(Simon B) #13

Hi Peter! Thanks for letting us know. I believe our awesome iOS developers have already pushed a few fixes regarding display issues on the iPhone X, so you should expect to see this fixed in the next update :blush:

(Peter Day) #14

Hi simon that’s great! Glad it’s all getting fixed! Keep up the awesome work, loving what you guys do!

(Anthony Smith) #15

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I have noticed a bug on the iphoneX, the navbar keeps bugging out. It’s still useable but just looks a bit broken. See screen grab


(Richard Cook) #16

Hey Anthony, thanks for reporting this.

Have you tried reinstalling the app? If it’s still looking the same after that, let us know and we’ll investigate further :mag_right:


I had that too but I haven’t seen it on the testflight version

(Anthony Smith) #18

great stuff I’ll give it a go. The bus isn’t static, sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn’t so I’ll let you know in a few days if it pops up again.


(Anthony Smith) #19

Hi, I deleted and reinstalled the app, it’s all been fine until I sent someone a payment. So it seems to do it after the payment has been sent. In fact I’ve just done some testing and to replicate the bug do the following:

  • Open monzo app
  • Swipe up from the bottom on the iPhoneX to close the app
  • Open the app again
  • Pay the amount with Face ID
  • Input the card PIN number
  • On reload to main screen the Navbar bug should appear.

Running on iphoneX iOS 11.2.6 (15D100)
I also have the latest version of the Monzo app 1.9.27

I hope this helps! Also I realise not a lot of people are going to open and close an app before paying anyone and they can always close down the app fully and reopen again and it’s then fine

(Kevyn) #20

I see it all the time, well sporadically, since I got the iPhone X. @RichardR commented on it back at the beginning of January.

(Justin Seals) #21

Hi guys,

Just a quick one, always get a messed up screen after sending someone money, this is sending someone money through Monzo, and the fact it redirects you back to your Home tab but breaks the bottom navigation, I physically can’t click on anything, have to force close the app and open it again. Rather annoying.]

I’m on an iPhone X btw.

See picIMG_0761