Apple Watch to add Sleep Tracking

Anyone excited for this? If you have an Apple Watch, do you keep it on overnight? :thinking:


Yes I use mine for sleep tracking using a third party app would be nice to have a native app


Wow, I would have thought it would already do that!

Mine isn’t special enough to do Apple/Google Pay and fun notifications, but steps and sleep were my priority :see_no_evil:


I’d like to but when do you charge it if you sleep with it on?

I use my phone for sleep tracking. Couldn’t sleep with my watch on. On newer models, the battery doesn’t take long to charge but still, I would rather just charge it overnight and continue with sleep cycle on my phone.

Battery lasts 28 days, usually charge it when I’m in a bath / having a do nothing day!

That’s a long time. What you got? (I’ve missed this being specified?!?)

Ah, I meant the Apple Watch, which need charged every day.

I sleep with mine. It just needs a half hour charge a day, so I pop it on charge when I’m getting ready for bed or in the morning when I shower. After a year they need a bit longer but never a full nights charge to last all day.

I use a third party sleep tracker app but I’m never sure why I bother; the data doesn’t help me any. Maybe the official app will have more insights and advice. I wear it because the gentle vibrate is a much nicer way to wake up than a loud buzzing on the bedside table.


I sleep with my watch on, I charge it while I shower in the morning – which gets me through most of the week, usually one day a week I’ll need to charge it for 90 mins during the day since I don’t shower for long enough for it to charge for ~24 hours of usage. I’ve been using AutoSleep which is amazing both in functionality and design. I’d be surprised – and very impressed – if Apple can launch a better app for sleep tracking. I’ve been expecting Apple to acquire AutoSleep.

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Withings/Nokia/Withing Steel HR :slight_smile:

It’s basic on the notifications front, and no pay - but I get steps, sleep, heart rate and some activities. no GPS but I’ve usually got my phone so it tracked a cycle nicely earlier :ok_hand:

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Hmm, I’ve never actually considered how little charging I might get away with. Need to try it. thanks for the tip re Autosleep.

I keep on switching between warning my watch of a nighttime and not wearing it - it usually depends on how long I’ll think I’ll have between waking up and needing to leave (in order to have enough time to charge it)… though the brightness of the screen can be a bit distracting, not to mention that it can be slightly uncomfortable depending on how you sleep.

Big +1 for auto sleep (amazing app) and for doing exactly the same re charging while showering :ok_hand:t2: Works a treat!

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If Apple Watch(?) I use cinema/theatre mode and DND to keep screen from turning on and random buzzes throughout the night

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Doesn’t theatre mode stop alarms from going off, though?

You won’t get sound as far as I know, but will definitely vibrate if that’s good enough?

Pretty sure my phone ones kick in as well so that’s what gets me usually

Didn’t Apple buy Beddit? Guess that’s where this is coming from.

I had Beddit V1 then that was replaced with V2 which unfortunately got broke so I’m looking forward to see where this goes.


Alarms still vibrate. My watch is permanently on silent so no idea if it stops audible alarms. Theatre Mode just stops it lighting up automatically unless you tap the screen.

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I have a fitbit inspire hr and i turn off all notifications.

I want an advanced fitness tracker rather than a smaller smartphone if that makes sense? hence why i couldnt see myself going for an apple watch.

Still want them to push the boundaries in terms of sensors and possibilities, fitbit are VERY slow to add new things.