Show notes with Subscriptions (Scheduled Payments and DDs)

It would help if notes added on a subscription or regular payment are visible on Scheduled Payments page in-app.

For example; I have a couple of yearly subscriptions via Google Play and after marking them regular payment they are on the Scheduled payment page but there’s no way to tell (without searching and going into details) which one is for which app.
I have notes added to the first payment of those subscriptions but these notes are not on the scheduled payment screen.

Hope this makes sense :grimacing:

I guess a lot would depend on everything being exactly the same, when it rarely is. To Monzo, I’m assuming this would just show as a payment to Google Play. For this to work, the payment would have to come out on the same day each year for the exact same amount.

Could work for monthly things but then would just get knocked out of sync if there’s a price change.

This is just an educated guess though

Not sure if i explained properly but it all works fine. If a payment is marked as Subscription then it can handle the price change etc.

I just want to see the note i added to first transection of any reoccurring payments to be shown on Subscriptions tab.

It sounds like you’re suggesting the ability to add recurring notes and tags to recurring transactions. You can vote for that feature here:

Right but can Monzo actually identify payments for different subscriptions from the same merchant? I have the same with iTunes but all mine are listed as different amounts, even though some are the same but have had a change in price…

Monzo can definitely identify payments for Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

I think card subscriptions (continuous payment authorities) would be trickier though.

Its a similar idea i guess but we have ability to add notes manually and i am fine with that. I want notes/tags to show on Subscriptions tab.

Yeah but they’re identified as such and can be distinguished. Subs for different things from the same merchant don’t really have an identifier to differentiate between them

Nice idea though :+1:

Searching for ‘Netflix’ for example would be much easier than ‘iTunes’ and figuring out which one Netflix was

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I think I remember MasterCard are developing something which gives each CPA (ie: each subscription, even from the same merchant) a different access token, so the CPA can be identified and cancelled easily on the bank’s side (don’t quote me on that - something to ask @Rika ).

I’d imagine the merchant would need to make some change for that to work too

Interesting though. Let’s see how it develops

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I’ll vote this up as it’s a right pain tagging each individual transaction when tagging the actual scheduled payment would be much easier!