Monzo Family Tree - Golden Ticket Report

(Josh Willcock) #1

I think it would be awesome as Monzo is so community driven to show how you have helped build the community.

EG: I give my manager a golden ticket.
Recruited: 1 Person
EG: Manager then gives his wife a golden ticket.
Recruited: 1 Person, Influenced: 1 Person.

For myself personally I know I’ve given away 6-8 golden tickets, and I know of at least 5-6 people who have had tickets from people I’ve passed on. So I’ve personally helped 11-14 join Monzo. I feel like a “Monzo family tree” style report either in App or Via email would be a great way to encourage the community to recruit! Maybe even add a leaderboard or similar?

(Simon B) #2

Great ideas Josh!

We are definitely looking at some of these things :slight_smile:

(Allie) #3

The MLM of banking? No thanks lol.



(Allie) #5

Multi-Level Marketing.

I was half joking as there isn’t money attached but still it feels like an MLM cult’s ‘downline’ chart.

(Matt) #6

I think as long as it only shows numbers rather than who you invited then it’s fine :slight_smile:



(*goes off to google *)

(#savetheseabass) #8

A pyramid scheme, no thanks

(Kevyn) #9

As long as people don’t get special ‘rewards’ for the number of people recruited then it is probably okay idea.

If it starts to become a marketing method ‘rewarding’ people for recruiting then I think it would put me off Monzo.

(Josh Willcock) #10

I imagined it could possibly show you the names of who you had given a ticket to, then for the extensions down the line it would say ‘1 other’, ‘2 other’ and so on… It doesn’t reflect at all anything other than showing you how you helped it grow, I feel like insentives to get people to join is a whole other idea, which I personally have no interest in, but isn’t linked to this. This is sort of just a FYI or ‘read only’ idea.