Monzo Ambassador badge or recognition


Being a Monzo member who has signed up 14 people and apparently in the top 1% of all referrers, I was thinking it would be nice for the people who do bring in a lot of new customers to be recognised.

This could be a badge, another app logo, an additional annual reward or gift or something of that nature.

What do you think? Who else is in the top 1%?


Up to 25, but I don’t think they will go beyond the £5 referral to be honest

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Not necessarily an increase in the referral fee, just recognition of people who bring a lot of people over to Monzo.

Even if it’s early access to new features. Typically if we find out about new features quickly, we’ll tell other people about them.



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There is an argument to be had that there is a difference in convincing people to sign up VS spamming your referral link everywhere :wink:


I wonder how many you need for top 1% :thinking:

Agreed, I will admit a couple of mine were from the forum post when people were asking for golden tickets. But most of mine have come from conversations with people, a lot of people have signed up from recommendation without using my link too as at some stage there was no benefit at all for using a referral link.

103 referrals :sweat_smile:

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