Referrals recognition

Why are we not ‘rewarded’ for golden ticket referrals?

I’m not suggesting monetary incentives, but some recognition of how many friends you’ve had to explain the “it’s an online bank, instant notifications etc” chat would be a cute and rewarding feature for your die hard fans.


This would be cool. Being able to see how many people have joined through the people you originally invited also. Like a spider web effect.


Otherwise known as MLM :blush:

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Everyone loves a pyramid scheme :innocent:

Actually, it’s not a bad idea for a bit of fun. Obviously I’ve no idea what the implementation would like or how hard it would be.

I was literally thinking this the other day! Haha yeah a reward (not money) but something fun for all the times I’ve had to say "Monzo will change your life. No I haven’t joined a cult. Okay maybe I have but it’s a really good one’.

Agree. Rewards could be small things such as free monzo swag, early invites to the events or an increased ATM withdrawal limit for the month.

At the very least, we should be able to see how many friends we have successfully referred.