Edit / Update Committed Spending values

Every month my committed spending is way out because whilst many of my direct debits may be fairly static (broadband etc) some differ widely on a monthly basis. For example our credit card bill can differ by hundreds of pounds between months.
I’d love to be able to update the committed spending amounts so when I get my latest credit card statement, for example, I can update that in the Monzo committed spending section and get a more realistic idea of how much I will have left before next pay day. Currently it’s based on last months direct debit value which whilst understandable isn’t helpful.

Can’t you just update your budgets to reflect that? There’s a finance once that it should fit under, or it could go under bills :slight_smile:

I also have this problem.

Makes my bills pot utterly useless because my lisa direct debit can vary by hundreds each month

I don’t use budgets as I don’t really care where my money goes (for example my credit card goes on everything from shopping to petrol to Netflix) so trying to break that down is pointless. Changing it in the Committed Spending is a much more logical and transparent way to check my upcoming cash flow.

It might be for you but for Monzo to build and maintain this it may be a different story :smiley:

I was just saying that you can achieve this with budgets now. The budgets adjust automatically but if you don’t want to use them for whatever reason then unfortunately you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed that this comes soon. Monzos focus is profitability at the moment though

My solution for this is to make a credit card specific pot. My direct debit is set to come out of this pot and so it isn’t in my committed spending. Whenever I use my credit card I just manually transfer the exact amount I’ve just spent into the pot. Keeps me ahead and solves any issues with committed spending.

Edit: I guess if you rely on a credit card it kinda makes the credit part pointless and unavailable! Either way, if you just fill the pot with the amount on your bill when it comes in it should solve it?

Thanks. Unfortunately we have joint credit cards so it’s just not practical for me to Sal my wife to detail every spend.
Being able to change vomited spend values would mean I could just update the value once a month based on whatever my latest statement is and It would give me a pretty clear idea of my position until my next pay day.

You should be able to do this with bill pots :slight_smile:

Make a seperate pot for the credit card, Set the direct debit to come out of this pot, and then when you get the bill just put the right amount of money into this pot. It then won’t show up in your committed spending but when you transfer the money to the bill pot you’re essentially removing it from your available to spend then.

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OK thanks but with 9 (I just counted) variable direct debits a month I don’t really want to set up 9 pots. I suppose I could set up 1 pot and then just keep adding as the statements come in but this does seem like a tedious “workaround” to simply updating the direct debit as the statements comes in.
Given open banking these days I’m surprised Monzo couldn’t pull in upcoming direct debit values and apply them automatically then none of this would be needed.

Open Banking coming :soon: so who knows what will be possible :slight_smile:

I’d be impressed if open banking supports that functionality but I‘m hardly surprised that (if it does) support isn’t in place yet. The amount of work involved (for each individual card provided) isn’t going to be trivial.

Pub spends?