Show amount of money left per day

On the current account home screen where you can see how much money you have left for a certain number of days, it would be good to see alongside it how much that translates to per day. That way can I see how much I can spend on a daily basis and not run out of money.
I put all my savings away and pay off my credit cards at the start of the month so for me, whatever is left in my current account is my target amount to spend for that month, and that amount varies.


Hi @Bettyb0op & welcome :wave:

iOS or Android?

If :android:, there’s a DIY version, using IFTTT and a Google sheet. This is probably more complex as it works out a calculated daily budget to display as a widget, but the sheet could be modified to show the daily balance instead;

(only for Personal Accounts, as IFTTT has no triggers available for Joint Accounts yet)


Another slight hack would be to set to a Target on the Trends tab.

If you set your Target as the amount in your account on day one, then it should balance. Then on the Targets page they’ll be a little reminder of the max amount you can spend per day to remain in budget.

Granted that’s not on the home screen, but it might help?

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We really need widgets (on Android period) to show this crucial financial data at a glance.

Account balance, total left-to-spend, target left-to-spend - per selectable account.
And if the target burn-down graph could be shown on a widget, even better.

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That would all be amazing. Proper Android widgets, but also in-app customisable ones for the new home screen. :muscle:

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Oh I think I was confusing in my post :see_no_evil:
When I wrote home screen I meant of the Monzo app rather than of my phone… though that could be cool too.
I have an iPhone and I don’t think there are any Monzo widgets at all for the Home Screen.

That still relates to the target I set rather than the reality of what is currently in my account.

It is better than nothing though provided I remember at the start of the month to check how much I have there and update the target accordingly so that then the real number and target number should be in sync.

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