Budget per day remaining

One tool I’d love Monzo to steal from Revolut is the “per day remaining” options from the budget tool. Ideally one for each budget category but at the very least just alongside the amount remaining.

I’m often finding myself dividing my “left to spend” by the number of days until payday and it would be great if Monzo could do it for me :blush:

If you are on Android, have a IFTTT account and also a Google account (access to GSheets), then you can make a widget which shows a calculated ‘budget per day’ result.

Yeah I saw that, very clever idea. Sadly I’m on iPhone :pensive:

Don’t apologise for the platform!

I’m on Android, have an IFTTT account, a Google account, the know-how to do it all, but my primary Monzo account is a Joint account and so no IFTTT support, yet :crossed_fingers::soon: