Should Monzo offer deals through MSE

Should Monzo add a deal or publish more through 3rd party websites.

For examples this artcile at the bottom Starling has an offer and Revolut give you £5, Monzo have nothing.

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No, the last time MSE got involved with Monzo we had the massive debate on ATM charges abroad.


That article is badly out of date. It criticises Monzo for offering no interest, when in fact it offers more than Starling these days (if even the Starling numbers are correct). Granted Monzo only pay on the Pot, but who keeps large balances in their main account anyway?

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I don’t know about any deals, but they should probably ask MSE to correct the part of that comparison where it says UK ATM withdrawals are “free up to £200 a month” as that’s the non-UK ATM restriction.


MSE was just an example - any of these kinds of companies

I know you say out of date but it is only September plus if you google “Monzo and Starling” or “Monzo vs Starling” I imagine lots of potential customers might. It is the top response.

Yes - these companies tend to move too fast for these sites to catch up. Bit of a shame really as a lot of readers might end up thinking Starling is better.

To be fair, it is!

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The article also says Monzo ATM withdrawals are “Free up to £200 a month”…

Although this might be due to Monzo’s own website not being completely clear about ATM fees.

Yes I noticed that

I agree it is a shame it is the first thing that comes up when you google monzo and starling. May be worth a staff member looking into it?

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If I could but direct your attention to the third reply in this topic… :sweat_smile:

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Ah - that’s another one. I was referring to the one where foreign withdrawals are “free up to £200”, which sounds a bit like each one under £200 is free (which would, of course, be better)

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What is MSE? :see_no_evil: ? :smiley:

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Wasn’t specifically saying MSE (moneysavingexpert) just know they offer card deals such as one with Starling at the moment.

There are a few big companies that do similar things.

It would be interesting to track ‘stickiness’ of customers brought into the fold by the various routes - I suspect that those coming in via a bribe will be less long term sticky than those convinced by a friend.