Revolut VS Monzo VS Starling - Right Now

I am constantly coming up with the objection to switching to Monzo because of a user already being Revolut (or Starling)

I know there are topics on this every 6 months, but as of RIGHT now… why is monzo better:

Not FSCS covered
No true joint accounts


No offer savings accounts (ISA, near Instant, fixed)
No clever salary sorter

(updating following comments)

Starling are rubbish

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Hahaha details details

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Yes it does.


FYI starling has for now at least no interest in savings accounts.

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That’s constructive. I thought the adults on this forum grew out of that about, what, three years ago?


All three offer no clever salary sorter (that works).


Ooh interesting, haven’t started using the salary sorter, what are its issues?

They turned it off either because it didn’t work, or because it broke the app.

It’s mentioned here;

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We’ve got ongoing discussions on both Revolut and Starling so let’s keep the discussions about them over there.

We’ve got most of the rest of the forum to discuss Monzo!