Should I stay Full Monzo

Do I trust Monzo as a financial institution enough to put my banking - Yes, totally.

Do I trust that the infrastructure around card payment systems, etc, will always be reliable - absolutely not.

I’ve got a 2nd account elsewhere because the account has a Visa card - and I’ve occaisonally run into Visa vs Mastercard acceptance.


I have 100% trust in Monzo, but I also have a starling account 🤷🏻


So, as per the reason for making this post.
I have opened a Current Account alongside my credit card with Barclaycard. The only thing I’ll use this account for is paying my credit card bill via direct debit from this account so its kept “active”. At least I have something to fall back on.

I also realised I can now deposit cheques and put cash in easier (cash not a big issue as I have plus and its a free deposit).

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surely that’s just to keep an eye on the competition though :wink:

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I have 100% trust in Monzo, but I use Starling exclusively :joy:


Is that allowed?

I’d think it would be encouraged. By using the products of your competitor you can better understand what they do better and what they don’t, which can help you refine and improve your own product.

There are engineers at Apple that exclusively use android devices for this very reason.

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Where possible/practical, using a competitor to see how they do things makes good business sense.

An alternative paying in method is a really good reason to have a back up account.

I keep one account for cheque imaging and post office paying in, and another for writing cheques - a rare occurrence, but it happens, and a third for their insurance deal - but I do collect bank accounts! I’m sure one alternate is enough :upside_down_face:

It’s up to you, do what you feel is best. Monzo is my side account and metro bank is my main account :slight_smile:

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:rofl: I have more than a handful of current accounts and zero chequebooks :man_shrugging:

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Well. Maybe you need another?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But honestly the cheque thing was just for school trips before they all mostly went digital

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This has been my experience too. Standing in line in the cold & rain for 30 mins to get into a Barclays branch just to talk to a member of staff about adding Apple Pay to my account, only to be told it’s not possible and if I really want it I have to apply for a different account that has it. I know it’s unusual circumstances at the moment but seriously!

Barclays did that to me years ago so I closed the account and moved to someone who offered it by default. Never had an issue since.

I was in Nationwide a few days ago paying in cash and Monzo was top for customer service etc while Nationwide was last for most. I’m not sure how to upload an image on here or I would.

I keep my nationwide open but Monzo is my main and I have business with them too

I have a legacy account still active but unused. I’m happy and trust Monzo completely. If anything was to ever happen, then I’ve still got my old bank to fall back on. I’m not sure if i could ever go back to a legacy bank, just love how easy and straight forward Monzo is. It’s been an absolute joy using Monzo, It’s really helped me get my finances into gear