Shot myself into the foot

Hi there, is there anyone who can help with the following problem?:

I had my Monzo card running on my business phone and my business email account despite that it was a fully private account. Now, I have left my job and gave up my work phone and my work email address before I made any changes to the account. I have a former colleague helping me trying to reroute everything to my private phone number and email account but I still seem to be failing. Also, it does not help that I am currently not in the country. Is there anything I can do to change my account over to my new phone number and email address? Many thanks already for helping here … Best, Mario

Try emailing or calling +44-800-802-1281

I would have thought they should be able to update the phone number and get you to re-verify yourself in app to prove its your account.

The forum are customers just like yourself. Monzo don’t really provide “Help” support via forums unless you’re very lucky and a staff member lurking spots a problem and can help flag it.

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Hi Phil, many thanks. I did not know how all these different Monzo Sites are connected. I will try to call them and see whether I get someone to talk to. I tried to call them before, but did not manage to get through. But, it was a different number. So, I might be lucky this time. Best Wishes, Mario

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