Shenmue 3

It’s less than 3 weeks away y’all!!! The sequel I’ve been waiting almost two decades for.


I loved the first one on Dreamcast (what a fantastic console). Never played 2. Did you?

Either way, totally excited about 3! Hope there’s more forklifts :joy:

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Yes! I’ve actually bought Shenmue 2 on three consoles :sweat_smile:

You see, it came out very late in the lifespan of the Dreamcast. As a result, the Dreamcast version doesn’t have English audio. It only has Japanese audio and English subtitles. But it was good because you could continue with the same save file. I think this only came out in Europe and not the US.

So then Microsoft did a deal to release it for the original Xbox, and THAT version did have English audio, but you obviously couldn’t continue with a save file, so you’d lose any cool items you’d bought in the first game.

Finally last year, Sega released HD versions of both games on one disc on PS4, meaning I finally played through both in sequence, on the same console, with English voice audio, and the same save file :joy:

I’d highly recommend picking up the rerelease and playing through the second game before jumping into the 3rd. It’s really important for the storyline.

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You’re a bigger fan than I! I had no idea. Just purchased the remaster for one and two! I fear some of those QTEs though.

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I recently got a refund because of the Epic Store fiasco. Nice to get $350 back from 4 years ago. I’m just trying to work out which console I will get it for now at a slightly lesser price.

Wow - they gave your entire Kickstarter pledge back? I think I pledged like $500 for the art book and various other bits and pieces.

If you have a PS4 there’s a nice collector box retailing for around £60 I think.

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Shenmue 1 & 2 are currently on Xbox GamePass. I did start Shenmue 1, but didn’t have the time it required. When I’m done with the Outer Worlds (also on GamePass…), I’ll give them another go.

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Well I got $333.77 rather than the full £350 but it was close enough :smile: .

The funny thing is, I recently broke from avoiding the Epic Store because I wanted to play The Outer Worlds so I may (weirdly) just get it back from there again :man_facepalming:. I may buy the PS4 version too just so that I have the game on a disc as I have the original Dreamcast/Xbox games.

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