Shenmue 1 & 2 Re-Release!

(Simon B) #1

I am so happy about this!!!

Ahead of the release of the long-awaited Shenmue 3 either late this year or early next, it seems Sega have gotten their ducks in a row and sorted out a re-release of the first two games.

I still have my original Shenmue 1 & 2 on Dreamcast, and also Shenmue 2 on the original Xbox, but I will definitely be picking this up for PS4 again. I’ve probably played through both games a dozen times each over the years, but every experience has been different!

I think the most important thing though, is that it means people who have been interested in playing Shenmue 3 but never played the first two will get the chance to, so they won’t have to go in cold.

I’ll be interested to see if the games are still “separate” on the disc, or if they’ve essentially linked it together as one game. For the people who played 1 on DC and 2 on Xbox, it was jarring that the items you collected in the first game didn’t transfer over (as they did on Dreamcast) since you obviously couldn’t import the save file from another console. So it’s great that people will be able to do that :grinning:

(Kevyn) #2

You have made my day @simonb !

(Peter Roberts) #3

So glad that PC is included too!


Please what is this game about

(Ben) #5

:wave: This is me. I backed Shenmue on Kickstarter and I’m so excited for it, but I’ve not played 1 or 2 so this is great news that I will get to play the previous titles!

(Simon B) #6

I’m excited for you!!! Those games changed my life.

(Simon B) #7

It basically pioneered the entire open-world genre.

It’s set in the 1980s in Japan and China. You play Ryo Hazuki, a young martial arts instructor avenging the death of his father :grinning: If you want to know more than that… check YouTube or Wikipedia :grinning: