Shared tab... With myself!

So I’m going away on a trip. I’d like to use a tab to keep a list of all my expenditure, whether in Monzo or elsewhere (e.g. credit cards, cash withdrawals using Starling etc) but it seems like you can only do this if you literally have two people or more in a tab.


Harder work than a shared tab, but I tend to use a hashtag for each trip.


But then how do you account for non Monzo expenditure?

Lifting the restriction on having to share would seem, to me at least, to be a super easy win.

I seem to remember that it was possible to create a Tab with someone else and them ask them to leave. Will confirm later if I can get someone to do it with me.

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What’s that? :laughing:

Fair point though. I have tagged ATM transactions for this reason in the past but that’s definitely imperfect.

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Yep, can be done by creating a tab and having the other person leave their side:


Great spot, thanks!

Now all we need is Monzo to remove the artificial limitation of >1 person then we’re all set! :tada:

In this instance I’m guessing Monzo would rather solve the problem you’re having rather make this tweak. If all your spending was represented in Monzo (post-Open Banking :crossed_fingers:) then you could track your holiday in summary.

Edit: @nexusmaniac voting… What does he know…

That threw me off for a second :eyes: I forgot that clicking the votes revealed who has voted :wink:

I know nothing to do with this :innocent: but it sounds like a cool evolution of Shared Tabs :+1:

Especially for this :point_up: because #tags alone, don’t help with this :slight_smile:


So I’ve tried this out. You can add someone and then have them leave…

… But then you can’t add any transactions :pensive:

Nooooooooo! Thought I was being so genius:

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So I’m equally down with this, and not in equal measure!

The problem I’m trying to solve is to have a list of expenditure on a certain thing totalled up (but also listed by transaction) in one place.

I think these need to be non exclusive, so not like categories. Maybe #tags would work with a tab-like interface? Or an integration between the two?

But basically, I came at this from much less than first principles because i thought it might be an elegant short term solution. Alas, I was wrong!

Your genius did get us closer! Just than we have a Monzo classic - inelegant failure - on our hands. :pensive:

So I’d like to make a slight amendment in that it might be great to split with another of your accounts (be that JA or linked account). So then I could 100% get on board with the idea that you could aggregate that list of expenditure into the Shared Tab and then have that other account compensate your Monzo or other way around (e.g. pay back credit card).

I feel like we’re a few steps away from this but have my vote. :smile:

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Try a 3rd party app then

I would recommend Splitwise, I don’t know if it lets a solo tab