Shared tab - be able to charge 100% of a charge to other people in the group

I find it frustrating that I can’t add a charge I made on behalf of someone in a shared tab and need to send a payment request instead.
For example, my roommate is sick and I did his groceries. I still see this as a charge for our roommates shared tab, but I can’t add it as I would have to split the charge between the two of us.
Why not just send a payment request? Well, that partly solves the issue, but I prefer to see all the household charges under the shared tab, and my balance might be low in the shared tab so is a way to bring my balance up.
There is another feedback. I can’t track the payment requests I have sent either, so if someone takes really long to pay, I might forget about it. The shared tab is easier to document this.
Hope you can make this work! Other expense sharing / tracking apps allow for this.

Can you not adjust the value next to the person by tapping the ‘+’ so that they pay the full amount?

This only works beyond a threshold. For smaller charges the +/- buttons are disabled.
If as well, I want to charge two people for something, and exclude myself, I am unable to do so. It should be easier to select who paid and who owes and how much.
It feels really ‘buggy’

Just tested it on my shared tab…

100% of the bill is now payable to the other person. I can even tap into the amount and adjust the figure manually :confused:

for me it doesn’t work for charges below 15 pounds, the buttons are disabled. And often those charges are below that amount :slight_smile:

It works with any amount… I can even charge a penny to myself if I wanted.

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I don’t think it’s wise to compare apps that tackle the bill sharing concept as their one and only function against a banking app that has it as a feature.

As @Ordog says, you should be able to tap on the amount and manually change it, rather than relying on the plus/minus buttons…?

maybe is a bug on iOS then

Possibly. Is your app fully up to date?

are you able to charge two people and not yourself?

Yes, I can split the amount however I like.

and yes it has the latest update

I do think Monzo places a big focus on the sharing aspect though, so I think it should work well :slight_smile: I only got a Monzo account to use the shared tab hehe

and yes, tried with manually tapping, but any editing is disabled for amounts below 15 pounds.

maybe you need a delete and reinstall of the app to get what ordog has :-)…welcome to the community forum :+1:

This doesn’t work on iOS :frowning:

Ahhh a lovely parity issue then or a bug?

Assume it must have worked at some point?

When I used Monzo as my main account earlier last year it was a feature I used a lot, but could never tap in to edit the figure manually. Just had to keep tapping the plus button until it either got there or would grey out and become impossible. Just tested it again with a random bank transfer and it’s still the same :confused:

I look forward to another parity war.

works for me on iOS

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