Shared payees on joint accounts

Just set up a joint account and after making a payment from this it was a little annoying the person details were not also available in my partners payee list. Given that couples will often end up paying for the same things it would make sense that following a payment on a joint account (where the other partner can see any transactions so no privacy issues here) that the payee details are listed for both partners or at least that there is an option to share rather than making both rekey the same info.

The payment will show in the Joint Account feed once it is made, for both people.

Not quite the same point, but it works to remove the overall privacy issue of notification of spending from the account by either party.

I don’t disagree with your main point, and this is a bit of a workaround, but as @davidwalton says, the payment you make will show up in the joint account feed of your partner’s app. They can tap on that payment and from there choose Send money to [payee name] from the transaction detail screen. I’ve very crudely highlighted this in the screenshot below:

This removes the need to re-input the details.

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Thanks for your reply. Ive clearly overlooked this before as always used the payee list for repeat payments. As you say would remove the rekey info, so I appreciate your feedback.

Hopefully after the 2nd person searches and makes one payment it should then appear in their payee list also. Oddly I noticed after my post that the payee for the payment made from my joint account wasn’t even appearing in my payee list either so seems to be a bit of a glitch. Whenever I make a payment from my sole account the payee appears under my payee list so it’s just one click to make another payment. I’m waiting to hear back from Monzo customer service as to why this payee hasn’t appeared on my payee list either even though I made the payment.

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I’d be interested in the response you get, as it does seem like a glitch. Maybe once that’s sorted, the payee will show up for the second person as well.

Incidentally, this option also appears in the detail of a payment you’ve received, which makes it easy to pay someone you’ve received money from in the past.

Well I’ve just come off a long chat with customer service about this. As has always been the case the level of service was great but on this occasion they were stumped!!

The payee that caused me to start this post wasn’t showing on my payee list at all after making a joint account payment. I made a small payment to them from my sole account and they still didn’t appear in my payee list. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and this made no difference.

There was also a bit of confusion between the staff as one suggested the two accounts should have separate payee lists while another said sole and joint account would have the same payees regardless of which account the payment was made from. Have given up now and we will both follow your earlier suggestion to find previous payment and use the option there to make future payments.

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Thanks for reporting back, and I can imagine it’s frustrating that there’s no resolution to why your payee isn’t appearing. :confounded: