Share your Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly review of expenses with family

(Yannis) #1

Dear Monzo/ Community,

It is my first post here and it is basically driven from the idea, that I also contribute 0.000001% of what is possible with Monzo.

In the summary below is a not so interest introduction about why I decided to join Monzo:

[details=Summary]I am currently expecting my card to arrive by tomorrow, and I can’t wait to try it. Not due to its totally cool colour (its not pink, its something orange/pink blend right?), but due to its awesome features. At first, when a friend of mine ORDERED to get one, I was not so font of the idea because his main criterion was the INSTANT (picoseconds) notifications on the iPhone for every transaction. I told him “you get the same thing with Apple Pay, no need to have an extra card to do that”. But then after searching/ googling the web I kinda realised the present and future advantages of Monzo.

I am mostly interested in seeing my weekly/ monthly budget where is spent (supermarkets, car, energy, drinks etc) (I really don’t know how Monzo does this I think there is a catalogue with all the companies separated into different categories?).[/details]

So what I would like to see, is the option to share your monthly expenses with another non-monzo user! For instance, this would might be helpful for college students to send back to their family a monthly/ weekly report of the expenses so them to see that all of the money didn’t go to drinks and parties! :wink:

I am thrilled to try my card tomorrow. Thanks for everything Monzo/ community.

Best regards,

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Welcome to the community Yannis :wave:

Yes it’s hot coral :heart_eyes:

When you use your card to make a purchase, Monzo picks up the merchant’s MCC code, MasterCard’s are listed here.

So when you buy a drink at your local pub, the MCC code is probably 5813, Monzo knows that you were at somewhere categorised as “Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Discotheques, Nightclubs, and Taverns—
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)” & I expect this is what they use when they allocate the transaction to the ‘Entertainment’ Category (& add the :beer: emoji to your notification :wink:). Every merchant has an MCC code which is pretty handy for Monzo!

This sounds like a cool idea :thumbsup: There’s a couple of ways that you can do this now…

If you’re an iOS user (coming to Android :soon:) , you can search for last month’s transactions & then export them to a spreadsheet to send home.

If you’re using Targets in the iOS app (& here in the roadmap for Android), you’ll also get a summary of your spending at the end of the month, which shows you your breakdown of spend by category. But users can change the categories that are assigned to their transactions so if you want to be really transparent, I’d go for the former option :wink:

Neither option seems like the perfect way to share your transaction history, in terms of including all the data & presenting it nicely though so perhaps Monzo will come up with a better way for you to do this in the future…:pray:

Monzo Insider Ep1 - Instant Spending Notifications
(Ned) #3

[quote=“alexs, post:2, topic:7585”]
Monzo picks up the merchant’s MCC code, MasterCard’s are listed here.
[/quote] I had no idea about MCCs, really interesting to know that categorisation’s not purely a manual process on :mondo:'s end! Just a heads up, your link to MasterCard’s MCCs doesn’t seem to be working. :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks Ned, I’m glad you found that interesting! I’ve fixed the link now, just a heads up - it downloads a PDF guide instantly I’m afraid :grimacing:

(Yannis) #5

WOW so basically everything is already there. That is very cool because it means I can take advantage of them straight away! :smiling_imp:

Yeah, its exactly that: coral. Great choice.

( #6

This is a great idea I’d really like to see. It would make doing finances with my Wife much simpler.