2nd card for expenses

I’d like to be able to have a second monzo card which is a different colour and everything spent on it comes under expenses.

I won’t remember to check expenses every time and I’ll have to check through all my transactions at the end of the year, so currently I will use a seperate account for expenses to avoid this. If a 2nd card becomes available then I’ll use it. It can be under the same account, but always labelled expenses.


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I don’t think this will ever happen, it’s too specific and ignores the existing fix (just using the expenses category) already baked into app.

If it’s something you are keen for, I’d suggest coming up with a new plan rather then waiting for Monzo…

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Or leading on from that opening up an “expenses” account with someone else like Starling? Then only spend on that card for expenses

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There’s your solution.

Yeah. You are probably right. I thought I’d put it out there just in case it gets done one day, but will definitely use a separate account in the meantime

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You could of course in the new update add a note to every purchase - in beta at the moment you can add notes without logging into the app.

If you added something unique for expenses like an emoji, you could use the search filter to pull up all expenses?

True, but for me I’d be too worried about forgetting something and I’d have to check through everything in the end. So I’ll probably stick with a separate account. I’m not sure I’ll think about it.

Maybe I’ll remember. I’ve been quite good at checking my transactions so far.

On the iPhone, you can swipe the transaction notification on the lock screen and mark it as an expense from there. Don’t know if that would help you, I find it very useful.


Ooh, I didn’t know that. Awesome.

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How would you define ‘expenses’?

In the early days of Mondo there was a lot of talk about having multiple card numbers and being able to use them for different merchants. They were going to be disposable to sandbox your main card number to improve security.

An extra card for expenses could be similar to this?