Share Value

(Peter Roberts) #45

Someone has bought some shares in a private transaction from someone else for that price per share (57 shares at £175)

There is no exchange the shares are on so there cannot be said to be a “share price”. The price of any shares is whatever the shareholder can convince someone to buy them at providing Monzo allow them to sell the shares :slight_smile:


I would argue that that is exactly what the current share price is!

(Michael) #47

Monzo have no problem authorising the sale of shares, and I did not have to convince the person who purchased them. It was a legal transaction approved by Monzo and Crowdcube.
Many thanks

(Peter Roberts) #48

Sorry Michael I didn’t mean the post to come across to imply there was any issue in doing so :slight_smile:. Great to hear that Monzo are approving of this!

I used the wording I did to be technically explicit in my meaning, sorry for the confusion :confused:

(Michael) #49

It’s not s problem, all is good.

(Frank) #50

so from the previous chat it was established you cannot split shares so you have to sell all or nothing.

Does this only apply per round? So could I sell my shares from the second round (73 shares) but keep the shares from the first (498)? They are on separate certificates so one would assume you can.

I would like to keep my original shares but could be tempted to sell the latter.


it is per round


Does this mean you are selling 73 shares?

(Tom ) #53

Let’s see how high the share price can go?

I’ll sell one share for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s (the big one, not the tiny cinema ones). No caramel, anything else fine.

(Gareth) #54

Would you accept it in milkshake form aka melted?

(Tom ) #55

Absolutely not you philistine!

(Simon) #56

Keep an eye out for 500 tubs of Ben & Jerrys :drooling_face:


Anyone catch Tom’s chat at CASS Business School (topic posted by Alex S earlier this week)? (Mods: please don’t merge this post, this is here for the info of users interested in Monzo’s share value)

He drops a ballpark valuation of £3billion for a million user bank at around profitability - which is around 100 times the post-money valuation after the 2016 crowdfund :eyes: Without further dilution and using that valuation it gives just over £25 per share value at that theoretical £3bn capitalisation if they achieved those numbers and that speculative valuation is roughly accurate,

He also throws out a ballpark valuation of £30billion for a 10million user bank - which is around £250 per share, and around £300billion for a 100million user bank (but you might expect a lot of dilution for them to have a shot at those numbers, unless their marketplace turns out to be the Google cash cow that he talks about in the interview).

I’m not saying I agree with the accuracy of these speculative ballpark numbers and am not commenting on the likelihood they will be achieved, but they are certainly interesting comments to digest when we are all discussing whether the shares are worth £3, £4 or £5 and the CEO is suggesting they may be worth £25 in one year and maybe £250 or £2500 in the future.

(Frank) #58

While that sounds great I think getting to 1m users will start to slow significantly unless they open up in other markets.

(Tom ) #59

This doesn’t show much in the way of slowing down (thanks @ylt). At this rate, 1m by August.


As much as I hope that it carries on in that trajectory, there has to be some factoring in of the pre-paid customers who are converting?

I think (though I can’t find the reference) that there’ll be some form of update after pre-paid is closed to share how many didn’t upgrade - and hopefully some data on take-up rate of new accounts (i.e. those that didn’t convert from pre-paid) which would be useful in projecting future growth…

(Tom ) #61

Yes - agree with this. I’m being somewhat optimistic but the hype still seems to be very much apparent.

And you’re correct


Yes, it does!

Some interesting times at Monzo, I think. Additional current account customers are a good thing for funding rounds and to show growth potential (and for when each can deliver revenue). But without Marketplace or overdraft revenue, each one is still losing money. So the maths/decisions around whether to open more broadly, continue to restrict sign-ups, or add in additional revenue-raising activities will be interesting to see…!

(4 Round Investor) #63

Unit economics was the other interesting point


But what is actually said? Can you put your finger on any value? Sign up 1m customers by August and by Tom’s own admission you have spent at least £20m because each customer is costing at least £20. There is possibly value in presenting 1 million customers all signed up and sell the whole lot to another entity- but the CEO repeatedly states that he doesn’t want to do that.