Share Price: £13.0194 (Answered)

Can anyone from Monzo give us an idea of the current share price?

I think there were estimates of a £12-£14 share price with a valuation over £2b … but with more shares now, it would be good to get an idea of what the guys at Monzo think shares are worth?

Understanding all the usual “they’re worth what people will pay” along with the fact you can’t sell them properly yet etc.

@Lampran found this the other day:

EDIT: Sorry, no idea why the image won’t embed properly. It’s a Twitter reply from the main Monzo account.

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Amazing, thanks! :+1:t2:

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So now that we are close to 3 million customers do we think the share price has grown by a similar amount? (e.g. we were about £2billion value with 2m customers)

Not in reality, because that’s not how it works privately.

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Is there a way to buy a few Monzo shares somehow? (Talking just a couple hundred bucks or so).

Yeah, if you see:

There’s info on current sellers, the desired price and how it all works.


Cool thank you for the link.

So this has passed? it says 99% complete, so there’s some left…? Is there? If yes, can they be bought through the Monzo app or CrowdCube?

Think 99% was because of rounding or a couple of people who didn’t complete

That raise was fully funded in a couple of hours last December


Oh… for some reason it’s showing me Date 19/9/2019… (or showed… now it shows me 12/9/2019… no idea what went on there then.) Thank you.

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I wonder if there will be another round late this year? Thought the £200 million injection earlier may mean no further rounds are needed (for a while).

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Not sure, but I think the valuation seems to be tracking around £1bn per 1m users, so I’m guessing they are about to approach £3bn valuation, although that’s obviously just in theory, in practice it’s worth the same as it’s most recent round, i.e. £2bn

Just think, if it is worth £3 billion, those who bought max amount in the very first round will be sitting on £40,000!


I bought £900 first round, not sure why at the time but regret not maxing out now. In total, I’ve got 3154 shares now. Lucky and very risky at the time…


So you’re sitting on £40,000 right now! And if it is £3 billion then you have £60,000!! That is not a bad return for a bit of a risk back in the day.

Of course can’t get to the cash easy but still, well done.

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The risk hasn’t diminished , in fact I would say it had increased , if US launch isn’t what could be classed as successful there could be a significant downgrade to the share value, we all tend to get swept along on the wave of success , and it could be equally as rapid downturn when the actual costs of the US launch equate to the number of new US customers :man_shrugging:

The same could be said, if to a lesser degree, for business accounts.

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yes I agree , but I do think the increased income from loans and interchange rates etc will point towards more potential of profitability in the future which would encourage the watchers - who knows :slight_smile: - Im not thinking of selling anytime soon though ( even if I could from some of the comments above :slight_smile: )

We should be getting the next investor loop email within the next week.


Also remember that you earn 4x the amount on a customer in US than you do in Europe. So monzo will make the same amount on 250,000 us customers as it would on 1,000,000 uk customers. The appetite in the US seems ready for the wave of digital banks, as the Legacy US banking system is 10 times worst than what we got here.

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