Share Value

(Edouard) #65

Forbes believes that Monzo will be a unicorn in 2019. Could we work out the value of the share if they indeed become a unicorn in the next few months?


My finger in the air guess, based on expected valuation etc is about £10 a share. :face_with_monocle:

(Alex Brooks) #68

FT reporting a new funding round that would value Monzo at $1.5bn

(Danny) #69

Yes this is about right, 100m shares in issue, say pre-money valuation of £1bn. 10x return from the early 2017 Crowdcube round. I wouldn’t be surprised if the valuation ends up being a little higher.


I’m sure that I saw a post from Tom(?) a year or so ago that set out what the share prices might be at some potential future valuations… Despite my best searching I can’t find it - ring any bells @alexs?

(Alex Sherwood) #71

I don’t remember seeing a post from Tom on that but you might be able to do that calculation with this -

(Danny) #72

You mean this one I think…


That’ll be the one!

Interesting that the valuation might be potentially more conservative than the £3bn mentioned. But I suppose we’re not yet at a million users - nor are we at profit either!

(James T) #74

Hi guys,

I bought £1k of shares in the March 2017 funding round and then £350 in November 2017.

Anyone got any ideas how much it is now worth? I am thinking between £10k-£13k


(Michael) #75

What price did you pay per share? I think you’d probably be looking anywhere from £7-£10/share currently.

But realistically, the shares are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. :slight_smile:

Are you looking to sell?


You’ve got what, about 1150 shares? So could be about £10k, but will have to wait and see.

Monzo seem quiet regarding the news?

(Luis Povoa) #77

StephenJames: I guess


I think that’s intended for employees, so might give misleading results for crowdfunders?

(James T) #79

I didn’t think you could?


You can if you can find your own buyer, and you have to sell all the shares from a given raise. The price is to be agreed between you, and you have to get Crowdcube to manage it.


And you’ve got to ask Monzo’s permission, I think. Anecdotally it’s never been refused, but there’s always the first time…


I think it’s CC’s permission…

(James T) #83

Are you looking to buy?

(Michael) #84

Maybe. Yes. Send me a message. :+1: