Choose what account details you share


I’d really like the option to choose what account details I share, when I go into account options and click SHARE ACCOUNT DETAILS.

Currently, there’s no choice available and I end up pasting a tonne of info my friends don’t want or need. 9 times out of 10, I just want to share my account number and sort code, and not my full name, bank address, or BIC number - useful when doing a isn’t appropriate (i.e no value to assign, or just sharing for future reference)

What’s more, sharing your account number and sort code should be made easier - like a quick button under the Request money tab, where I always look first before remembering it’s under Account > Settings > Scroll down.

I know I can go to the same screen and long-press to copy those details to the clipboard, but I have to do it separately and when I tab to another app and back again I have to re-auth with my fingerprint.

Thanks guys,

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If you need that a lot can’t you screen shot, crop so it’s just the details you want and then send that?

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Why not just use the inbuilt text correction/replacement function on your phone. Create a record for /monzo (or something else) that gets auto-corrected to your bank details. Then every time you need to send, all you need to do is type the shortcut and voila!

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Search ‘Welcome to Monzo’ in your feed and screenshot that page?


I like this option the best!

‘MyMonzo’ is soon gonna be my phrase. Thanks :raised_hands:


A very good suggestion I didn’t think of! Cheers!


Not sure what OS you are using Emma but on Android it blocks you from taking screenshots in the app. Regardless, cropping a screenshot sounds like even more effort.


Apple doesn’t allow an app to prevent screenshots from being taken but a lot of banks still disable it on Android since they can.

I noticed when I go to Account - Add Money - Click the share button. This only shares account name, number and sort code which might be more useful


Nice one Andrew - still not quite the first place I’d naturally look, I had no idea it was there! Good to know, cheers.


We don’t automatically block screenshots on Android.

You can choose to block them or leave them enabled when you enable fingerprint :+1:


Thanks @BethS, clearly I switched it on at some point then.

Regardless, sharing a screenshot is far less useful than selectable text.

For now, I’ve mapped ‘MyMonzo’ as a dictionary shortcut to automatically fill my bank details. Great solution @tbutz