Shadow Cloud Gaming

(Matteo Scotton) #1

Has anyone used a Shadow Cloud Gaming PC? And if so, would they recommend it?

(Gavin) #2

No, but I did use OnLive when it was still around. It was a similar concept, but came at a time when broadband came with data caps. If they can get around the input latency issues and the compression artefacts it could be good.

However, streaming from my PC through Steam in the next room to the TV through a CAT6 cable exhibits similar issues to OnLive, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope. For £26 a month you could buy a PS4 and a year of PS+…:slight_smile:

(Kevyn) #3

I just use GeForce Now and its free right now. You will need to own the game in Steam etcetera but it works very well.

(Matteo Scotton) #4

Didn’t know about this! Am I right in thinking this doesn’t give you access to the full windows experience, just the games?

I’ve just signed up to the Beta!


I’ve been using Shadow for a few months.

Overall, I would recommend. It’s worth the £30 per month in my opinion.

Any specific questions? Quality very much depends on your available bandwidth. I can sustain 60FPS at 1080 using 35Mbit (Shadow even supports 4K, if you have the bandwidth).

Avoiding WiFi, using Ethernet only, the experience is pretty much indistinguishable from a local PC. It can get a little jittery on WiFi (even 802.11ac).

Hope this helps.

(Matteo Scotton) #6

That’s really helpful, I’m going to set up a bit of an office this year and I need to decided between Cloud Computer or full gaming PC

I suppose I could always go Cloud first then switch if it didn’t work out! I’ll make sure I use a wired connection

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I’ve been with Shadow since June. I decided to go with Shadow over a gaming pc as I didn’t want to spend 1k on a gaming pc that was just on my desk. Shadow allows me to game on the sofa while still being able to web browse at my desk for one price.

The downsides are that Shadows servers are located in France, websites default to the french websites. There’s also more lag then using a physical pc but causal gamers won’t notice.

You get an additional £10 off the first month by using a referral code (Mine is MATUYQGR)

(Chris) #9

I’ve been using Shadow now for 4 or 5 months. Not had many issues at all with it. I’ve got it installed and working on my Mac mini, Linux Mint PC and iPhone and iPad.

The only issue I’ve got is that on the iOS app if you’re playing something that specifically requires mouse input like a SimCity style game it’s impossible to play it as it doesn’t recognise right mouse clicks.

Football manager is usable just but doesn’t display a mouse cursor. But overall I’m glad I signed up to it.

I’m on a G.Fast connection so throughput isn’t an issue for me.

@Chapuys I put my name down to the GeForce Now waiting list but haven’t had an email to say it’s open