Google to enter gaming market 🎮

Interesting to see what they bring to the table. A cheap, Nexus Player-esque device that could stream a lot of games would be awesome.


If they can make cloud gaming viable on a terrible internet connection then I’m all in :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise I’m gunna have to give their offering a miss (assuming cloud gaming is going to be their primary focus, which wouldn’t surprise me with Google)


I use NVIDIA GeForce NOW a lot on my Mac so if it is along those lines I would be interested.

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Aye, it would be good. I’m a bit fed up upgrading my PC, I’m ready for a decent gaming streaming service!

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I mean if it’s a cheap(ish) Android TV based box I’ll buy one just for that

Knowing Google it’ll be another Android Things based fork or another Chromecast fork or even something new

Chromecast+Built in connection to a game streaming service is probably easy enough for them to do (‘Gamecast’) but I question why… such services have a habit of being too expensive to attract casual users and too laggy to attract gamers.