Set amount payment contributes to spending

Though it is great that Monzo now allows you to exclude a payment from your monthly spend, I really need a feature that allows me to input how much a payment contributes to my monthly spend.

For example:
I and my girlfriend will go out for dinner costing £20 (£10 each). I pay the full amount to speed up the process while she pays me back on Monzo. However Monzo understandably registers that I have spent £20 instead of £10 on food.
It is also very convenient when in a big group of friends for one person to pay for the bill and have people pay them back.

Since I do this often I simply can not use the monthly spending to determine my spending habits. Please add a way to modify spending contribution for each payment


This has been raised a few times, the payment from your girlfriend will offset the spending summary if you request the money on and assign the incoming transaction to the same category as the outgoing transaction.

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