Exclude spending from your monthly target

(Adam Perros) #1

I’m a student and what I find really annoying is that when I pay for things for other people and get transferred the money back I can’t then exclude the spending from my monthly budget. For example, a friend transferred me £100 he owed me for his share of the deposit on our flat for next year, which I immediately moved to my savings account. This used up my monthly target so for the rest of the month whenever I bought anything i got told I’d used up my budget making it harder to track my spending. If I could discount these things from my budget it would make life a lot easier.

Spending plan

This has been mentioned here, and I agree:


(Dan) #3

It’s coming soon with an update to Spending :slightly_smiling_face:

(Aleksandr ) #4

Hi. Any chance, you could make an opportunity to exclude/ some expenses in spending plan? For example I have 500 GBP spending target, but I had to pay for car maintenance. So when I sourced it from other account/pot and payed to online retailer it won’t go to my current monthly expenses. I am looking to use my Monzo card for many transactions like this one, so I can easily track my buys etc. Anyway, even if I have all my saving in current pot, I don’t wont to see my unexpected spending on monthly plan. So, the option is either transform existing list to “tick” list, or create one more line which doe not go to normal expenses list. Thank you

(Dan) #5

Its coming soon in the new Breakdown Tab, coming very soon. You will be able to exclude payments form your spending as you see fit :slight_smile:

We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)
(Aleksandr ) #6

Wonderful! You are 2 steps ahead, aren’t you? Than one more thing. Can we have spending type (eg. transport) to be shown on the main spending screen(small print would be enough)? Some transactions from the same e-shop might be clasdified as a different cause, but the type is stack to its shop name, once you’ve changed it, so we can miss changing the type for better spending traction.