Edit spend amount manually

(Mark Crummett) #1

Sometimes people will pay for a meal or item and then a friend or partner will give them their share either by cash or transfer, It would be nice to be able to edit a payment to cut it down to only what you actually spent yourself in these instances.

I.e. i pay for my meal and a friends and it comes to £40. my friend gives me his £20 contribution. I edit it in Monzo so the stats don’t suggest i am £40 down.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Some sort of solution for this would definitely be useful, here’s Zander’s (one of Monzo’s designers) recent comments on this -


I agree here. I think putting this info into notes section of the transaction is suffice.

(Mark Crummett) #4

adding a note is not suffice as it does NOTHING to the stats and thus means your budget is off. It will say you’ve spent more than you have so what is the use of that? If someone has sent you money via paypal or bank transfer then you would most likely add it back into Monzo and your funds would be correct. Surely amount spent is the key stat here and thus a note is useless.


Feels like could end up with 2 ledger’s for an account, and that could get mega confusing

(Mark Crummett) #6

I’ve honestly no idea how this would ever be confusing haha. You spend X amount on card but got some back from someone else. Therefore your expenditure is actually X minus the amount you received back.

This is SO simple. Not to mention if it’s confusing for some reason then people can simply not use it. I can’t work out why anyone would want Monzo to say “you spent X amount” when that clearly isn’t true. It gives a false total in the stats.


are we talking got back as in a credit to the monzo account (like monzo me), or outside the monzo system ? If the first I see where your coming from, if latter your going from managing your mozo account to all personal finances, which imho would confuse the view of the monzo account(bit like expecting credit card spending to show on your current account)

(Mark Crummett) #8

Option B. I see that point but I’d say that’s a bit extreme for a comparison. The targets you set within Monzo must surely be a way of saying “right, I don’t want to spend more than X amount on groceries a month” (for example). If you pay £100 for groceries but your partner gives you half back outside of Monzo and you ignore that fact in the targets, your targets are utterly worthless because they in no way represent your spend. If you can edit it down to the half you actually paid, your targets remain correct.

Also, if this is eventually going to turn into a current account, surely this becomes even more relevant as it could potentially store ALL your money and not just whatever you top up


And would you also want to record none monzo spending, say partner gives you your half in cash, would you want to be able to add that you spent £5 on food £20 in pub etc ? Would need a bit if thought display wise, to track spending and account transactions so they make sense and can also be split out

(Mark Crummett) #10

Nah, i don’t think i personally would want that. My usage would be something like:

Get paid my salary
Top up Monzo with X amount
Do all my day to day spending so it’s tracked
If i pay for someone else and they pay me back, they give me cash or a bank transfer
I edit that transaction to represent how much i personally spent on that meal/etc
i can choose to top up Monzo with more money as and when

That then shows me my day to day spending in categories and is accurate.

For me it’s about seeing how much i spend on everyday items out of whatever i budget for that month. I don’t mind if there is cash given to me or a bank transfer as it will ultimately end up in Monzo.

(Naji Esiri) #11

@mcrummett I’m not sure how this would work from a practical perspective, but one possible solution could be a feature where the payee could send money and link it to a certain merchant/location. Say for example, you go to the cinema and pay for two tickets, then your friend pays you back. The payee could select a merchant location for the cinema when they transfer. When the money arrives with you, the app recognises a match between the location they selected and your feed item for the cinema tickets, this money would automatically be added to the associated category budget.

(Mark Crummett) #12

that’s certainly one way. Although i’d be happy enough with just being able to manually edit a cost and have the stats change accordingly. Not as automatic but would do the job i think

(Alex Sherwood) #13

That would be solve your record keeping problem but you can imagine how much confusion that could cause, if users made mistakes :grimacing:

And you don’t want your balance to display a different amount than what’s actually in your account.

(Mark Crummett) #14

haha ah yes but that’s down to the user! The balance wouldn’t change because that amount HAS left your balance. it would purely affect your spending total

(Alex Sherwood) #15


Aren’t you talking about reducing the amount of a transaction after someone’s paid you back, even if they’ve paid you in cash so it’s not in your Monzo account?

(Mark Crummett) #16

okay that reply probably actually reveals why so many replies say it would be confusing. I am ONLY suggesting that the change in total spent for that transaction would affect the amount spent/targets and NOT the balance total. I am purely interested in the targets being correct

(Alex Sherwood) #17

Ah ok. In that case, why not just increase the Targets when these repayments are received? You can do this now & changing a Target one month doesn’t affect the other month’s. The :traffic_light: alerts will still work as they should too…

You can only adjust them in increments of £5 but that should be pretty accurate…

(Mark Crummett) #18

i’d say that is a good work around but a work around none the less and not a feature fitting for the requirement. Sadly i can’t use targets at all until i can do it from payday to payday as a custom range haha

(Alex Sherwood) #19

You could do something similar to deal with that :wink:

but again, not ideal.

You may know this but for anyone else who reads this, a solution’s on the way for that issue -

Anyway, I see what you’re asking for now :thumbsup:

(Mark Crummett) #20

cheers! was aware of the targets change in the works :). it’s early days for the platform so it’ll be nice as it evolves.