Separate Hashtag Entry

Hi I love the categories for splitting up my transactions but what I’d really like to do is the ability to assign a/multiple hashtags to my transactions so that I can further categorise my spending.

I was told that I could add it to the notes but ideally it would be great if this was a separate input box under the “Add Note” and “Add Receipt” buttons. That then allowed for multiple hashtags to be added similar to say something like this

Edit: Another addition would be then being able to search for total spend within a hashtag via the search/Spent Today area.

Usage example: I’ve just got back from Singapore, if I could assign all transactions that were on the holiday including transactions in the airport with “#Singapore_2016” I could then later search for that and see my total spend for the trip.


I was also thinking about this. the ‘notes’ field is very helpful, but having the ability to simple ‘tag’ a transaction with commonly used hashtags would be very useful rather than simply re-entering the same text in the notes field each time.

Suggested hashtags could be based on -

  1. frequently used tags
  2. previously used tags for that merchant.

Hashtags could either form part of the notes field, or a separate field altogether.

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I came here to request the same thing.
Think a hash tag search would be great, and I too would not want the hash tags displayed alongside the notes as I think it’d make the feed look cluttered.
But for example I’d like to be able to tag transactions with #wedding and then be able to search for that hashtag and maybe view the running total spend for transactions with that hash tag.

Have you tried it? I actually find seeing my tags (emoji) in my feed really useful, as they’re easy to spot but don’t take up additional space.

While we’re on the subject

I prefer emoji > tags because they don’t take any time to type & you don’t need to worry about spelling mistakes / capitals & non-capitals.

I use my emoji for decorative purposes and would use them as a method for searching.

Also I don’t agree that using the beer emoji is faster than writing beer.
Difference between capitalisation is down to implementation. Capitalisation has no affect on twitter hashtags. Also when using emoji for example there are two beer icons, several sushi, I’d have to remember which one I have used before.