Select how much to exclude from summary for a given payment

It would be super handy if you could exclude just part of a payment from your summary in order to keep budgeting accurate.

For example - I can claim back £15 a day for dinner through work. However, I’ll often buy a meal for £20 and claim back the first £15 and pay for £5 myself.

On Monzo I have two options of what to do in this circumstance both of which are wrong:

1 - Exclude the full £20 payment. But then that doesn’t account for the £5 I’ve actually spent.

2 - Keep the full payment in my summary. But then that is inaccurate by £15.

Ideally I’d like to be able to click on the £20 payment and exclude £15 of it from my summary.

The same issue occurs if I pay for something that is later split not through Monzo. E.g I paid £60 for a plumber, but I’m splitting that 3 ways. I’d ideally like to exclude just £40 of that payment from my summary.

Another way would be to use the expenses category and then vote for this feature to put the extra £5 in the ‘eating out’ category.

This way you’re not hiding anything and you have full visibility of how much you’re spending.