Automatically sort payments into pots by reference number

A really great feature would be the ability to link multiple references directly with pots so that when they arrive with the specified reference they are automatically transferred over to the pot the reference is linked with.

For example, I have a pot for my car and another for my household bills, I would like to link the reference of “Car” to the car pot and “Mortgage” or “Electricity” to the household bills pot, then If my partner was to send me money with a linked reference then the payment is automatically sorted into the pot the reference is linked with. This would give me peace of mind that any payments due to come from this pot would be covered without the need to manually move money each time it arrives. It would also allow for multiple people to send money for a single purpose such as a holiday or as a wedding gift.

I have seen suggestions about moving money from specific people and while I can see the benefit to this it has limitations if you receive more than one payment from individuals for different purposes such as spouce or housemate.

In essence, this feature gives greater control of your money with the ability to sort any money received for a specified purpose.

If you have a search this has been covered quite a few times. As pots aren’t separate accounts, it’s unlikely. But never say never.

I had a look and could only find requests for payments from specific individuals but nothing that was about moving money with specific reference numbers.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, pots are great and something like this would certainly make them stand out from the other banks like Starling.

I’m not sure why this keeps coming up.

The request isn’t to pay directly into pots, just to automate it so if, for example, you receive money with #PotName in the reference field it lands in the current account then automatically moved to the pot.

Think of it as the reverse of bills pots.

I don’t see why pots not being separate accounts is seen to be a limitation.


Surely to manage this most effectively would be to have Monzo as the main account, use salary sorter to move all the funds where they need to be, then this step noted above become irrelevant as it’s technically already built in.

If using Monzo as the money hub instead of another bank to Monzo then to pots, it works how it’s intended.

Unless I’ve misread, correct me otherwise :sweat_smile:

Yes, this is my thought too, it would be a similar process to the salary sorter but as it’s a single amount and not getting been split it could, in theory, be automated.

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My understanding is that the salary sorter only works with values over £100 and requires you to go in each time and confirm, this suggestion would move the entire amount received based on the reference (if a reference is setup) automatically.

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I think we’re talking about different things. Here are some use cases:

  1. I transfer £50 from my Barclays savings account to my Rainy Day pot in Monzo. I use the reference #RainyDay and my normal Monzo account details. When the money lands in my account it gets automagically moved to the right pot because of the reference.

  2. I’m buying a leaving present for a colleague. I give colleagues my Monzo sort code and account number and ask them to use the reference “Gift” which means that their various small donations get moved automatically to the right pot. I can then use a virtual card to buy a present from it.

None of this is about large money in. It’s not about salary, it’s about making money management just a little bit easier.


The second use scenario I can understand, though I’d probably just go buy x gift then give people the total to split and said funds just come back to me. Flex is great for this.

The first scenario defeats a few objects for me:

Savings to rainy day fund would be an unusual concept in my eyes.

But if you had savings pot and Rainy day fund in Monzo - if they implement pot to pot movements then could automate that way, depending on your goal set up.

Goal set up meaning it’s not unusual for people to spend their savings in form of rainy day fund, as opposed to multiple.

Also having all your spend, salary and savings within Monzo would probably work in favour of utilising all that is available for making money work.

Forget the exact terms I used.

I have a pot in Monzo that I use for easy access savings. I don’t want it to have more than about £1500 in it because you don’t get interest on it. Sometimes I dip into it for big purchases, then top it back up from a third party savings account. I want to be able to get that money to the pot without having to do it manually.

More importantly, though, there seems to be a bit of a culture of trying to explain why things can’t happen, rather than trying to understand the problem and finding new or uncharted ways to resolve the need and add a bit of delight for the customer.

That’s definitely the case on here where folk often explain why something is a bad idea, or dismiss it up front. I don’t really know what the culture is like inside Monzo as shields seem to be up, but I’d like a bit more of the early challenging, entrepreneurial thinking, please!


Programming or whatever other magic the engineers pull together are far beyond my knowledge sets.

My comments are my own thoughts, I don’t stumble across much that’s on the road map or what’s next, sadly.

I guess I focus on what we have, and how that works in a similar manner, not what people want (that’s why I’m not product based) :sweat_smile: