Ease of use and security feature

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I use my card (more for security) where I have no credit on it and top up the card when I need to use it. I noticed the temp freeze but some shops im in i cannot get a great connection to data to turn off and on. TIP! NEVER USE STORE OR “FREE” OPEN WIFI.

I think a nice little toggle to “freeze” the card so no one can use the card less NFC is used to lock and unlock the card via the app meaning I could have all my money in the account and not need to worry about anyone able to use the card or scan it.

Same idea but almost like having 2 accounts a monzo card account and a monzo bank account where I can move the money from the monzo account to the monzo card and maybe a toggle for if you you don’t want that choice and the card and bank just work as is a normal account and card.

Thank you


So you want to freeze the card using NFC rather than the toggle? I’m possibly wrong but you’ll still need a data connection for that too have any use.
For your second request, are you talking about the pots feature? That exists.

TIP: Use store WiFi with a VPN

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@christophorus I’m not sure about the NFC it was more an idea if it could be done. But I can see where the problem lies. I was thinking how NFC tags work the app stores a unique number/code linked to the card. Then flops because the phone needs to connect to the internet.

The second feature isn’t pots but probably like it but Ive never used pots before. It was more for people to have there full wage coming in this feature keeps it separate from the card until you tell it to connect to the account and then use it like a normal card and account. It’s aix of the freeze and pots.


Where do you keep your funds that you use to topup Monzo and how is it safer there than Monzo? The great thing about Monzo is instant notifications and the map of where the transaction was. Two things that will help combat fraud.


Technically it is possible to freeze the card over NFC. The card can trust (and probably already does, for Issuer Script verification) a certificate issued by Monzo; when you log in with the app it can generate its own private key and get a certificate signed by the Monzo one that can be then used to sign freeze/unfreeze requests to be sent to the card directly, which it can check because of the chain of trust all the way back to the Monzo root certificate.

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@HoddzDJ the instant notifications is a great thing about Monzo and one of the things that made me start with monzo.I keep my funds in my local bank account and move it over when needed to use. I’m thinking its safer because the money wont be initially on the card (In theory) to begin with so someone can use it whether they have it in there hand or online.i have heard of theives using the gps contactless scanners to collect funds £20 at a time.


But how is it safer in that account, compared to Monzo, that is where I’m a bit lost.

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with a traditional local bank card and account the card is link to the account.

so say i have your card details and i use it online i could be using you card to buy things and you cant prove it.

with monzo account.

if i did the same thing the transaction wouldn’t go through because there is no money there ( in a roundabout way)

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You are covered for any fraudulent use of your card. Any funds stolen are Monzo’s funds.


But in your first post, you said you topped up Monzo to make your purchase and now are saying the opposite. Maybe I’m not understanding properly.

I don’t get how your funds are safer in your local account then. If I have £10,000 in my legacy account, and £10,000 in my Monzo account, how is my legacy account safer than my Monzo account?

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@Anarchist yes this is true for now but what about future the banks cant pay forever. things will change and more be put onto the card holder.

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And when things change, the advice will change. If banks suddenly decide that the customer bears the cost of fraud, you can close your account.

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Im saying it would be safer in the monzo account with this feature.


Okay. Got that bit, thanks :+1:

But without that feature, it’s safer in a legacy account?

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at the min i feel yes. i only carry my monzo card with me and there is no money on it (apart from extra change less than £8) but if i lose it, or gets details stolen something like, im not going to worry about losing that.

ok monzo has lots an features i can freeze the card instantly stuff like all great. but this was i no money can get taken.


which would be just the same if you kept that £8 on any other bank’s card!


so if Monzo has that and maybe your other bank does not, then why not all your money in Monzo and just £8 on your legacy bank card.


Not sure why you think that, then. Baffled me there. From what I can take from your original post, you want to disable contactless and use Pots.

You can store £600 in a pot and have £8 in your main account and that £600 is safe from spending. I urge you to check them out, they are dope :sunglasses:

Launching Pots // https://monzo.com/blog/2017/11/20/pots/

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but the legacy bank card is linked to the legacy card you cant turn that off. at least not my bank anyway. my wage goes into my bank and i can spend as much as i have in my account. so i lose that or details taken the the person can spend as much as is in my legacy bank account

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ok i must check this out. i suppose this is very very similar. or maybe just pots.